About Children's Bible Activities

Children's Bible Activities has been serving churches for over 25 years. 

We began in the 90's by creating Children's Bible Activities as a big yellow box of activity sheets with corresponding story guides. Over the years we have grown to not only have activity sheets for two age groups for virtually every story in the Bible but also added craft and snack ideas.

Our Beliefs.

Here at Children's Bible Activities, we believe in teaching Bible truths.  Although we are a for-profit company, we are privately owned by a man of faith with a doctorate in ministry.  We do not promote a specific denominational position, but we stand in the mainstream of Christian faith. 

We believe what the Bible says is true and it should be shared with all.

About our Activity Sheets and Story Guides.

Puzzles use the NIV (1986) version of the Bible, but the sheets don’t always include direct quotes. Instead, the sheets retell the stories in words that children can understand. This also makes them useful to a greater number of churches, since the sheets can be used no matter which version of the Bible is used.

All of our story guides are stories taken directly out of the Bible.  They focus on teaching what scripture says, not doctrine, so they're perfect for all Christian churches.

Our Team.

Our artists, craft & snack creators, editors, IT developers and customer service specialists work behind the scenes from all over the US.  We are a friendly bunch and happy to help in any way we can.

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