Getting Started

Welcome to Children's Bible Activities!  We're happy to have you with us.  Below we've highlighted some basic tips to ensure you are finding exactly what you need.

Here are a few easy ways to quickly get started!

  1. Searching for the lesson perfect for you.
  2. Viewing lesson contents.
  3. How to access our complete list of lessons, crafts, snacks and maps.

You'll see that our website is pretty simple. We want you to easily find exactly what you need, without annoying ads or pop-ups.

There are several ways to search the many lessons included in your membership.

Scripture search

This is our favorite way to search for content.  Simply select from the drop-down menu the scripture click Search.  

Topic search

Can't remember where in scripture the story falls?  Not to worry, browse through the Topic Search on the left-hand side to search by characters in the bible, lessons, themes and more.

Keyword search

To search by a specific keyword, enter your search term in the search box and click Search.

TIP: Some keywords, such as "Jesus" can pull back several lessons at once and can take a little while for all the results to come in.  For fastest results, search by scripture or topic.

Viewing the different lessons.

Now that you've found a lesson, here are some tricks to reading what's included with the lesson.

Under each purple lesson header, you will find all of the material for that particular lesson.  

There is only 1 story guide per lesson.  This guide is for the teacher to quickly get familiar with the lesson.  Although it can be read verbatim to the class, we recommend adapting it, especially for younger children. 

With each lesson, there is guaranteed to be at least one "Younger Activity Sheet" and one "Older Activity Sheet" that corresponds with the lesson.  Younger activity sheets include simple mazes, seek-and-find, and coloring.  Older activity sheets may require some math or writing skills to complete.

Many lessons also include a craft idea with the lesson.  Crafts are also separated by age group.  These are just recommended ages. You may be able to adapt either craft for both age groups, depending on the skill level of your children. 

These snacks are great ways to reinforce the lesson and add some edible fun to the lesson.  Just be sure to check for any allergies before preparing the snack.

Bible puzzles are additional bonus content that can be sent home, done in class or given to your newsletter editor to include in your church's newsletter.

A few of the lessons will also include a map or chart to help teach the lesson.  These are great to print on larger pieces of paper to use over the course of several lessons.

Access the List Views of Content.

Not entirely sure what you want to teach on?  Head over to our Story Number List to browse all the major bible lessons in the order they're told in scripture.  

Be sure to scroll down the list to view our New Testament Lessons as well.

You can also click on the complete list of crafts, snacks, or maps & charts by clicking on their respective links in the header.

Encouragement to you.

With everything you do, from teaching Bible lessons to preparing snacks, you play an important role in the lives of children.  Thank you for your sacrifice of time and energy in teaching children, young and old, about God's word. ❤️

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